Saturday, July 30, 2016

Escort News That Has Not Happened

London Escort World News
- Straight from the Agency Caprice news desk

Escortmon Go

It’s the new app that’s sweeping London - Escortmon Go. Free to download though without the $5 upgrade all Escortmon girls are fully clothed. Search throughout London for virtual Escortmon girls, take snaps and upload them to social bullshit media an share with your friends. Thousands of Elite Escortmons, Busty, Blondes and Cheap. Collect bullshit virtual coins to unlock their clothing!

Hours of fun for the whole family with no stain causing odours.


The Escort Olympics

Plans are not underway to create the world’s first Escort Olympics. Not to be held in London, events would not include the pole vault, handball, diving, jumping, thigh scraping and marathon sex sessions lasting 26 hours that would involve policemen, politicians and members from the mining community.


Did You Know?

In Braille, the nipples spell the letter C.

Did You Know?

In some cultures throughout the world, youthful female breasts are considered to be extremely attractive.


In L.A., the new eating craze is kale stuffed with kale root. In London, the Agency Caprice girls will have none of that nonsense. They still prefer slivers of yellowtail encrusted with quail egg seed and dipped in a freshly squeezed salt water sauce that is at least three years old. Washed down with a Guinness.


What hobbies do the escorts at Caprice enjoy?
Mostly investing, money management, offshore finance, commodities, international banking and strip poker.


We asked Adelly why her professional magic act always involved making chocolate bars disappear. “Oh, I don’t do that anymore,” she said, smiling. “But I still have a few Twix up my sleeve.”

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